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Experience purposeful growth with a coach who believes in your unique journey to own what's next.

A personalized approach

I offer different focus areas for coaching with customized packages designed just for you. Think of it as a tailor-made experience to address your unique needs.


Leadership Development Coaching

Leaders are invited to grow their self and situational awareness and develop their leadership skills, whether they hold roles as individual contributors, people managers, or senior executives.


Career Transition and
Advancement Coaching

Individuals considering a change of industry or profession are invited to consider options that are consistent with their core values. This can include personal branding, resume review, job search strategies, mock interviews, and constructive feedback. Transition coaching also includes support during the initial phase of transitioning into a new role.


Performance Coaching

The focus here is on individuals envisioning themselves at their peak performance while in complete flow. They are invited to unlock their optimal state where satisfaction with work and life is in harmony.


Mindset Coaching

An individual's mindset is shaped by several factors, including socialization, genetics, upbringing, education, relationships, and life experiences. This mindset, in turn, guides decisions, actions, reactions, and inactions. Mindset coaching invites the individual to identify and revise limiting assumptions, thought patterns, habits, and beliefs for personal growth and professional fulfillment.


Conflict Resolution Coaching

Individuals experiencing conflict at home, school, or at work are invited to heighten self-awareness. The coaching process involves identifying personal conflict styles and finding authentic ways to engage with others for meaningful resolutions.


Student Success Coaching

Students are often faced with difficult choices regarding their education and as recent graduates. Whether in college, university, or the trades in their home country or internationally, individuals are invited to clarify goals and explore possibilities. An inclusive space is created for young adults to reflect and determine their path forward during this critical phase of their lives.

What my clients say

See what my clients have to say about their experience working with me.
I wholeheartedly recommend Shena as a coach for any stage of your career. Her ability to spark answers and insights that come from within is remarkable.
In a pivotal moment of my career, Shena’s guidance helped me navigate my options and empowered me to embrace my unique skills. Through our sessions, I had "aha" moments that gave me clarity and confidence with my next career move. I not only came to understand my own journey so far, but also discovered new perspectives for my way forward.
Shena clearly understood what I needed - even before I knew it - and provided result driven guidance! A coaching experience with her extends beyond immediate goals, leaving a lasting impact that encourages a mindset of continuous self-discovery and long-term growth. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to have a fresh perspective on their careers.
Meliha Karagoz
Aircraft Project Management and Engineering
When thinking about a career change, sometimes all you need is one person giving you the clarity and confidence to make the leap. Shena was that person for me.
I was in the middle of making a career change and she made me feel like I could succeed, taking the time to get to know me as a person and ensuring I was doing what truly interested me. She is empathetic, honest, and knowledgeable and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
Maalick Qasim
Global Banking
My experience working with Shena as a career coach has been an absolute joy. Her exceptional ability to ask insightful questions combined with her expertise in career and leadership development have been transformational in guiding me toward self-confidence and empowerment.
From our very first session, Shena’s support and honesty have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth with my career transition. I’ve also gained valuable insights into the expectations of hiring managers and recruiters. Shena's solution-focused approach extended to every stage of the interview process, making me feel incredibly prepared for each interview.
Our collaborative sessions, from resume review, online branding and networking strategies to personal leadership and interview techniques, have significantly boosted my belief in my abilities and potential.
andy xu
UX/ UI Design
Having Shena as my career coach has been a game-changer in my professional journey.
When I began my career transition into the UX field, I lacked self-confidence and faced uncertainty in the ultra-competitive tech job market. Shena not only helped me make significant improvements to my job-search assets (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview prep, networking skills, etc.), but also provided unwavering attention, consistently asking insightful questions, and challenging my perspectives constructively.
What sets Shena apart is her expertise with navigating career transitions and the inclusive environment she created during our sessions, empowering me to freely express my thoughts. This non-judgmental space allowed for creative thinking which led to solutions that gave me clarity and boosted my confidence.
Shena is knowledgeable, empathetic, and encouraging, and she played a crucial role in helping me secure an excellent full-time product design opportunity.
If you’re looking to achieve or exceed your goals, Shena stands out as an exceptional coach.
Madison Lyon
UX Design
I'm happy to share that Shena has been an exceptional career coach on my journey to securing a full-time Product Designer role.
Shena's attentiveness to my questions and updates, coupled with her insightful advice, have been pivotal in positioning me as a standout candidate in the competitive creative field. Beyond effective job search and interview strategies, Shena's consistent encouragement has boosted my confidence as a designer.
She took the time to understand my unique experiences and career goals to develop a tailored action plan to set me up for success in my new role.
joyce walpole
UX/ UI Product Design
Shena’s career coaching has had a significant impact on me. Her thoughtful questions and career and leadership development expertise transformed my confidence and approach.
Shena's insights with ways to strengthen my resume, optimize my LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews led me to secure a job in my field.
Her solution-driven guidance in every session empowered my personal and professional growth. Collaborating on branding, networking strategies, and interview techniques heightened my belief in my capabilities. I highly endorse Shena for her exceptional coaching!
tharun bangera
SEO/ SEM, Content Strategy and Graphic Design
The career coaching sessions with Shena have been transformational for me. I felt deeply understood in my unique circumstances and consistently motivated to move confidently toward my next career chapter.
If you're seeking a coach who combines empathetic understanding with actionable guidance, Shena is the ideal choice for your career journey.
She provided me with an open and non-judgmental space to candidly discuss my career challenges and experiences, actively listening to help me realize the value in what I initially perceived as shortcomings, fostering a heightened sense of self-awareness. Her unbiased, external lens was refreshing and went beyond what friends could support with. Shena’s approach instilled in me a sense of optimism, guiding me to understand that there's always a path forward when you seek meaningful connections and explore opportunities that excite you, reinforcing my self-awareness.
Automation Engineering
Shena has played a pivotal role in my career transition journey.
She created a trusting space where I felt expertly guided to explore new perspectives and techniques for achieving my professional goals, from networking and interviewing with confidence to ways of improving my personal brand that felt true to my core.
Through Shena’s thought-provoking questions, I had a mindset shift and gained clarity about how to approach my job search.
Her genuine encouragement and commitment to my progress made me feel motivated when I needed it most. With actionable takeaways that empowered me, I always looked forward to and felt energized by our sessions. I enthusiastically endorse Shena as a career coach, particularly for individuals in career transition or seeking strategies to advocate for themselves and advance in their careers.
Gabriell Urton
UX/ UI/ XR Design and Environmental Science
Shena is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her as a career coach.
Her deep expertise and understanding of the job market helped me successfully navigate my career path.
Shena is empathetic, patient, and committed to her clients' success. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!
Tope Akinmoladun
Corporate Partnerships

Hi, I’m Shena. I help you uncover and maximize your potential.

A certified coach, I guide my clients in making significant strides in their career and mindset by serving as their collaborative partner. Together, we develop strategies and practices that create positive differences with long-term impact.
My approach creates harmony between your values and goals without ever compromising your wellbeing. I help my clients find and master the balance that works for them to move forward with clarity and confidence. This may involve a focus on leadership development, personal branding, career changes, and overcoming limiting beliefs.
Working primarily with mid-career professionals and business leaders, our coaching sessions will lead you to explore creative solutions and empower you to navigate challenges, identify blockers, and enhance self and situational awareness. I facilitate your growth towards being present and empowered so that you can confidently own what’s next in your unique journey.
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